Sustainability 2020

We’re committed to creating and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Middleton Shopping Centre aim to be a transparent and ethical business and endeavour to make a positive contribution to the community. We understand community and sustainability is at the heart of Middleton Shopping Centre. That means making careful decisions that protect and enhance the environment while serving the economic requirements of a successful business enterprise.

Buildings generate 40% or more of greenhouse gas emissions in developed countries. We will help to reduce emission levels significantly by taking a proactive approach to promoting change within our industry. We will apply our resources and management capabilities to the 330,000 square feet of property we manage, reducing the environmental impacts of our operations and delivering leading sustainability solutions to our owners and occupiers throughout the scheme.

We will deliver real value in a world where energy management and sustainability are assuming ever greater importance to our owners, retailers and our own local community.

Our objectives focus on 4 main areas:

  • Environment – We recognise that we have a responsibility to help protect the environment and will continue to introduce initiatives such as:
    • Chemical free cleaning and uniforms made from recycled plastics;
    • Identify and meet environmental legislative obligations;
    • Lowering energy consumption across the retail scheme through sustainable renovations and management improvements;
    • Permanently cutting energy demand and costs
    • Reducing the CO2 impact of corporate travel by investing in communication technology tools such as Zoom, for example – and flexible work practices;
    • Engaging and educating colleagues in energy awareness to create permanent sustainable behavioural change.
  • Social – We recognise that the way we conduct our undertaking may have a negative or a positive impact upon society. The health and wellbeing of our colleagues and those in the local community are considerations for our business. We will assess and manage all our risks to support our colleagues and the local community.
  • Ethical – We understand the importance of our colleagues, they are at the forefront of our business and therefore we aim to provide them with the best support possible. We will provide training plans; succession plans and support the whole team at Middleton Shopping Centre.
  • Innovation – We will endeavour to work alongside companies that bring innovative solutions and smarter ways of working through paperless bespoke management systems.