Middleton Shopping Centre adopts Real Living Wage in 2021

Independently calculated based upon real and geographical living costs, the Living Wage has, since 2011, been championing workers’ pay. Middleton Shopping Centre believe that a fair day’s work deserves a fair day’s pay and have adopted the Living Wage.

Following a full review of the operational hours of the shopping centre during 2020, the centre manager, Marie Gribben was able to identify significant annual savings. Due to the continued hard work and dedication demonstrated by personnel during the COVID pandemic, Marie decided to offset some of these savings and adopt the Living Wage for all employees from 1st April 2021.

Marie commented, “We are delighted to adopt the Living Wage at Middleton Shopping Centre. This is a great step towards eradicating workplace poverty and partnering with like-minded businesses like Aston Services Group can only build our reputation and enhance our corporate social responsibility.”

Alistair Clayton, ASG Sales and Marketing Director, added, “As a recognised Real Living Wage Service Provider for over 5 years, ASG understand the value in rewarding and retaining staff and supporting the Living Wage principle. Thanks to the support of Marie Gribben, Middleton Shopping Centre and Ashdown Phillips & Partners Ltd, we have a fantastic team delivering cleaning, security and maintenance services and we are all hugely proud of the work they do which translates to excellent customer service being delivered on a daily basis as well as ‘a happy camp’.

The reward and recognition of the adoption of the Real Living Wage will undoubtedly be very well received and will provide a further reinforcement of their sense of value on site and for that we do appreciate Marie’s efforts in helping majorly in this process.’’