World Earth Day 2024

Lee Ellis – The Centre Manager of Middleton Shopping Centre

On International Earth Day 2024, Lee Ellis, the Centre Manager of your Middleton Shopping Centre along with the centre team took part in litter picking activities. Working together with Aston Services and May Nineteen the aim was to create a cleaner, presentable and healthier local area. The team collected litter from the local streets, parks and roads around Middleton. Earth Day is a crucial annual event that raises awareness about environmental issues and encourages individuals to take action to protect our planet. One impactful way to contribute to Earth Day is by participating in litter picking activities. Lee chose litter picking as it helps prevent pollution by removing harmful materials from the environment. Debris left on the ground can leach chemicals into the soil and water, leading to contamination and harm to plant and animal life. By picking up litter, we can prevent these pollutants from causing further damage to our ecosystems. is essential for protecting wildlife. Animals can easily mistake litter for food or become entangled in it, resulting in injuries or even death. By cleaning up our surroundings, we can create safer habitats for wildlife and help preserve biodiversity. Litter picking is a simple yet powerful way to contribute to Earth Day and make a positive impact on our environment. By cleaning up trash from our public spaces, we can prevent pollution, protect wildlife, and preserve the beauty of our natural surroundings.